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Tuesday September 25th 2018

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Top Five Ways To Have Fun In The Snow By Debbie Harbeson

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By Debbie Harbeson

There’s nothing like a good blizzard to inject a little adventure and fun into your family life. Sure, it can be a pain if you really need to go somewhere but the best part about snow for lazy and cheap moms like me is that snow is a toy that literally falls from the sky.

Now, I’m sure you already know the typical ways to have fun in the snow, so let’s dig a bit deeper into the drifts to see what else we can do with the raw material nature dumps right into our yards.


The best part about snow for lazy and cheap moms like me is that snow is a toy that literally falls from the sky.

1. Make a snow fort. Yes, you could just pile up or roll snow into a wall, but for sturdiness nothing beats using bread loaf pans to mold snow bricks. Also ice cube trays work great to build a snow mansion for Barbie and Ken.

2. Use cardboard for sledding. Waxed cardboard is slick and fast but best of all it’s unpredictable. Fancy steering is overrated. Besides, everyone needs to learn how to bail out of a flying object, right?

3. Go ahead and get out those summer game supplies. Okay, so my idea of croquet was a bust, but Cornhole can work with a few rule changes.

4. Getting hit in the face one too many times during those snowball fights? Then create a target on an outside wall of your home or a fence and play snow darts.

5. Let’s face it; three-ball snowmen are boring. Well unless you’re Calvin. But why not challenge your snow-artist abilities and create other creatures? One year we built a dinosaur and another year a Spongebob Squarepants. (By the way, we tried using food coloring to color the little square fellow but it didn’t work. We should have just used a dog I guess.)


Dinosaur Snowman

Bonus idea: Don’t forget the money-making opportunities snow provides for kids. Creativity can literally pay off here. For example, when we lived in an apartment complex, maintenance cleaned the parking lots and residents’ cars were only about 10 feet from their front doors, but that didn’t stop my kids. They just asked neighbors if they would like their cars cleaned of snow for a mere 50 cents a car. What’s funny is that this was a very dry snow and all they had to do was take a broom and sweep it off. They really “cleaned up” that day because neighbors always appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit in kids.

Bonus number two. (I would say I’m providing these bonuses because you’re such a great audience but the truth is that I only did it this way because I couldn’t quite get up to 10 tips and top 7 just didn’t sound right.) Anyway here’s my last tip, which actually comes from my husband and I mention this because I absolve myself from any responsibility if you do decide to use this one: Take your kids out for donuts.

No, I’m not referring to the soft, cylindrical, sugary, sweet sensations; I’m talking about spinning in the snow with your car. Or, as my husband would say: studying physics. It’s certainly the best use for a school parking lot as far as we’re concerned.

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  1. Debbie,

    I have an internet radio show called The Sociable Homeschooler and would like to ask you a question about some of the homeschoolers from abroad who have been featured on your site.


    Vivienne McNeny

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